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Indirect Cost Allocation Tool for Government Contactors using QuickBooks
Indirect Cost Allocation Tool
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Introducing ICAT 2.0

ICAT installs easily and works with QuickBooks, computing indirect rates and allocating indirect costs to contracts. For a new QuickBooks company, ICAT automatically loads the chart of accounts, and configures indirect cost pools and bases for computing rates. For existing QuickBooks companies, cost pools and bases can be easily configured to work with your existing chart of accounts.

Many government contractors have successfully implemented ICAT. Using ICAT, contractors have passed their DCAA accounting system review, qualifying them for Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee type contracts. ICAT provides the functionality for computing indirect rates and allocating indirect costs to contracts – a critical requirement for determining the Government’s obligation for reimbursing costs to the contractor.

ICAT enables contractors to continue using their QuickBooks accounting system rather than implementing much more costly systems.


ICAT is available in three editions to suit the needs of your business. The Starter Edition supports the basic reporting requirements for entry level government contractors, the Standard Edition provides additional project management features for T&M and Cost-type contracts, and the Advanced Edition provides the Incurred Cost Submission Worksheet.
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Feature Comparison

Feature Starter Edition Standard Edition Advanced Edition Description
Company Setup Wizard Quickly build a Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks and instantly create a rate model from one of the built-in templates
Rate Model Editor Build your own Indirect Rate Model
Indirect Rate Calculation Report The Indirect Rate Calculation Report provides information on the computation of the contractor's indirect rates from the pool and base components
Contract Cost Report Direct costs and indirect costs allocated to jobs report consistent with the built indirect rate model
Enhanced Reporting Create reports over any time period, export any report to Excel, enhanced printing
Allocation Centers Allocate indirect costs based on square footage, head count or other non-cost units
Contract Profit and Loss Report Profit & Loss reports by job
Indirect Rate Variance Report Direct and Indirect Rate reports by job and a comparison of the two to view contract performance
Labor Distribution Report Labor hours and costs report by job amounting to total gross payroll
Contract Status Report - Cost Type Report Contract revenue, costs, and resulting profit/loss report viewed over the life of the contract
Contract Status Report - Time & Materials Report Billing rates, contract funded amounts, costs, and resulting profit/loss report viewed over the life of the contract
Labor Rate Calculator Calculate an hourly billing rate based upon annual salary, provisional or actual rates, and a fee amount
Cost Allocation Workbook Display cost pools components and final costs graphically
Incurred Cost Submission Worksheet Completion of major portions of DCAA's Incurred Cost Submission worksheet directly from QuickBooks and ICAT
Budget Development Establish your Provisional Indirect Rates. Our Budget Development and Provisional Indirect Rates feature enables you to develop your budget to support your Forward Pricing Rate Proposal.


Starter Edition Standard Edition Advanced Edition
Initial Purchase $1,250 $2,000 $3,000
Upgrade from ICAT 1.0 Free $750 $1,750
Upgrade from ICAT 2.0 Starter Edition $750 $1,750
Upgrade from ICAT 2.0 Standard Edition $1,000
Annual renewal $400 $750 $1,500

System Requirements

Our product integrates with QuickBooks 2015 Premier Edition which provides the most comprehensive tools for fast, easy financial management. It offers all the features of QuickBooks Pro, plus exclusive features to meet specialized needs and provide business insight.

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