Empowering Government Contractors with
Accounting Compliance Expertise

ICAT Consulting

ICAT Systems guides business executives and accounting teams through the complex requirements of federal contract cost accounting.

Achieve Compliance

ICAT Consulting is a comprehensive management consulting and accounting software service for government contractors. Our experts support your business executives and accounting team, so you can have confidence in your compliance:

  • Ensure your accounting system meets DCAA and FAR compliance requirements
  • Configure QuickBooks and ICAT for accounting system compliance
  • Assist with selection and setup of web-based timekeeping provider
  • Review accounting system policies and procedures

Take Greater Command & Control

Receive assistance preparing your Annual Operational Budget, determining your Provisional Indirect Rates, and assembling your Annual Indirect Rate Proposal, so you can take greater command and control of your operation.

Align Your Business Objectives

ICAT Consulting provides ongoing support, giving you the insights you need to effectively manage and grow your business:

  • Monthly Support Webinars
  • Monthly financial review
  • Guidance and accounting support tailored to your business
  • ICAT Software support

Expedite Contract Closing

Have an accountant with expertise in federal contract cost accounting prepare your Incurred Cost Submission, and assist with post-submission follow-up questions from auditors.