ICAT Software is the Indirect Cost Allocation Tool for Government Contactors using QuickBooks

Incurred Cost Proposal Workbook

Generate your Incurred Cost Submission (ICE) with the click of a mouse.

Time-Saving, Easy-to-Use

Save time and simplify the Incurred Cost Submission process. ICAT's Incurred Cost Proposal Workbook instantly generates all Schedules required for your Incurred Cost Proposal (ICE) with your cost data automatically populated directly from ICAT and QuickBooks®.

Stop manually inputting data into spreadsheets. ICAT’s Incurred Cost Proposal Workbook is modeled directly from the Incurred Cost spreadsheets (ICE) used by the DCAA with all required and optional schedules. Because the Incurred Cost Proposal Workbook is integrated with your accounting system, your cost data seamlessly populates the associated report fields, and includes hyperlinks for cross references across Schedules.

Expedite contract closing. ICAT typically saves contractors over 40 hours to complete the Incurred Cost Report.

How does it work?

ICAT enables you to:

  • Generate ALL Schedules (Required A-O, as well as optional schedules) for an adequate submission pursuant to FAR 52.216-7
  • Automatically populate all cost data into Schedules from your contract cost data
  • Navigate cross reference amounts using automatically generated hyperlinks in the Schedules
  • Amounts referenced in one schedule are automatically tied to related schedules
  • Hyperlinks to cross reference amounts across different schedules
  • Export all Schedules to Excel
  • Expedite contract closing

Do you have to use the ICE model?

The Contractor may use any format. (See Slide 32 in the DCAA Guidance).

DCAA does not require the ICE Model, it requires that you provide all of the schedules specified in FAR 52.216-7, the Allowable Cost and Payment Clause.

ICAT Generates each of these schedules, and automatically populates the contract cost data directly from your accounting system. In addition to the required schedules, ICAT also enables you to generate the additional schedules in the ICE Model.

  • Schedule A: Summary of Claimed Indirect Expense Rates
  • Schedule B: General and Administrative Expenses
  • Schedule C: Overhead Expenses
  • Schedule D: Occupancy Expenses
  • Schedule E: Claimed Allocation Bases
  • Schedule F: Facilities Capital Cost of MoneyFactors
  • Schedule G: Booked and Claimed Direct Costs
  • Schedule H: Government Participation by Pool
  • Schedule I: Schedule of Cumulative Direct and Indirect Costs Claimed and Billed
  • Schedule J: Subcontract information
  • Schedule K: Hours and Amounts on T&M/Labor Hour Contracts
  • Schedule L: Reconciliation of payroll
  • Schedule M: Decisions/Agreements/Approvals and Accounting/Organizational Changes
  • Schedule N: Certificate of Final Indirect Costs
  • Schedule O: Contract Closing Information
  • Additional Schedules:
    • Comparative Analysis by Pool and Account (Indirect, G&A, Intermediate, Direct)
    • Reconciliation of Claim to Corporate Income Tax Return
    • Contract Brief
    • Executive Compensation Form

Applies to cost-reimbursement type contracts. Some prime contractors may require an Incurred Cost Proposal from their subcontractors when there is a flow down clause.

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