DCAA Compliance with ICAT for QuickBooks®

Computer with government contractor DCMA accounting reports

ICAT integrates with QuickBooks

QuickBooks-based systems are affordable, reliable, and the standard across multiple industries. If a growing business wants to compete for and manage government contracts, QuickBooks alone lacks key features that are essential for their success.

ICAT seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, adding essential capabilities for cost accounting and reporting required by the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation). Using ICAT with QuickBooks, small and mid-sized businesses can achieve DCAA compliance.

ICAT is Fully Customizable for Every Cost Pool Structure

Whether you need a custom or standard solution, ICAT has you covered. ICAT offers full flexibility to configure your Indirect Rate Model to suit your unique contract arrangement. What's more, all versions of ICAT come with built-in templates for a variety of common cost pool structures.
Hand Tools to show that you can configure custom cost pools or use built-in templates for your Incurred cost submission

ICAT Saves You Time and Money

Illustration of Indirect Cost Allocation to Contracts as per the federal acquisition regulation
Streamline Indirect Cost Allocation
Logically and consistently allocate indirect costs to contracts using your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts data.
Illustration of Indirect Rate Calculation to show what are indirect costs
Calculate Indirect Rates
Instantly calculate your company's indirect rates from the pool and base components.
Contract cost reports on computer screen for your DCAA auditor
Generate Contract Cost Reports
Quickly see where your direct and indirect costs stand in real-time, for any time frame with ICAT's fully loaded reporting.
computer showing Software Generating Incurred Cost Submission
Automate Incurred Cost Reporting
Automatically generate required schedules for your Incurred Cost Submission (ICE) populated with cost data.

ICAT Opens Up Contract Opportunities

With a DCAA-approved accounting system, you can qualify for cost-reimbursement type contracts and open up new business opportunities.
ICAT's budget development capability enables you to build granular budgets for future periods and develop provisional rates. With these tools, you'll gain powerful insights to recover costs, price new contracts, and grow your business.
Why Budgeting Matters How ICAT Budgets Can Help

Transparent Pricing. Straightforward Features.

ICAT is available for a flat yearly subscription, so you always know exactly what you are paying for, and which features are available. Upgrade any time.

Starter Standard Advanced ICAT Edition Features
Set Up QuickBooks Chart of Accounts for Contractors
Build a Custom Indirect Rate Model
Create a Rate Model from Pre-Built Templates
Calculate Indirect Rates logically and consistently
Allocate Indirect Costs by non-cost units
View Direct and Indirect Rates by Job
Generate Profit & Loss reports by Job
Run Contract Cost Reports for any timeframe
Generate Wrap Rates
Export Reports to Excel
Monitor Indirect Rate Variances
View Labor Hours and Costs by Job
Reconcile Labor Distribution to timekeeping/payroll records
Track hours and amounts billed vs. contract funding
View Direct Labor and Costs over life of the contract
Calculate Hourly Billing Rates by Employee
Graphically display cost pool components and final costs
Automatically populate your Incurred Cost Proposal
Export Incurred Cost Proposal Schedules to Excel
Build granular Budgets for future periods
View budgeted costs by employee and by job
Track Budget vs. Actual through the life of the contract
Build Provisional Indirect Rates for Forward Pricing

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