Fundamentals of Federal Contract Cost Accounting

In this course you will learn about the fundamental cost accounting principles imposed by the Federal Acquisition Regulation and review the requirements of an acceptable accounting system. The course will demonstrate these concepts by following an example of how a DCAA compliant accounting system should be configured.

This course is designed to:

  1. Present the requirements necessary for a Government Contractor to pass a DCAA Accounting System Review.
  2. Provide an understanding of the compliance environment in which Government Contractors operate.

Course Content includes:

  • Checklist used by DCAA in conducting Accounting System Reviews
  • Allowability, Reasonableness, and Allocability of Costs
  • Accounting for Direct and Indirect Costs
  • Indirect Cost Pools and Allocation Bases
  • Indirect Rate Computations
  • Timekeeping System and Labor Distribution Requirements
  • Unallowable Costs
  • Contract Cost Reporting
  • Future Pricing
  • Accounting Policy Templates

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