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ICAT Systems

Referral Network

Accounting firms in our referral network have demonstrated an understanding of the regulatory environment surrounding Federal Contracting. They understand the Cost Accounting Principles imposed on Federal Contractors by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 31. They are familiar with the methods and practices of the Defense Contract Auditing Agency (DCAA).

These accounting firms are supportive of small, developing businesses, and can offer guidance on business matters such as setting up your accounting system, assisting you in obtaining bank financing, and tax planning, as well as expertise within the Federal Contracting arena.

We have listed the participating firms by region. A short description of their background in providing professional services to Government Contractors is presented, along with their contact information. In general, these firms can provide services on the following matters:

  • Configuration of QuickBooks to be DCAA Compliant
  • Implementation of ICAT
  • Assistance with set-up of electronic timekeeping systems
  • Assistance with the Incurred Cost Report
  • Assistance with DCAA audits and accounting system reviews

The firms listed are not affiliated with, and are entirely independent of ICAT Systems. We assume no liability for their services.