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What growing businesses need to know about DCAA accounting system compliance
Leveraging Budget Insights for Proposal Pricing
Estimate expected indirect rates during the proposed contract's period of performance. Determine the impact of winning a new contracts. Calculate the weighted average base labor rate and fully-loaded labor rate. Prepare more accurate pricing proposals.
Are Your Provisional Billing Rates Ready for the New Year?
Now is the time to prepare your Provisional Billing Rate Proposal to ensure accurate billing rates for the new year. Using strong budgetary and historical data, you can justify more precise indirect rates for interim payments to avoid under-billing the government for work performed, or over-billing and owing money back to the government. 
Why Budgeting is Important in Contracting
A well-managed budgeting process is particularly important for government contractors. It provides a financial blueprint for the new year, establishes a plan for recovery of indirect costs through contract pricing, and establishes support for provisional indirect rate proposals.
Contract Cost Data To Keep An Eye On As We Approach Year End
As we approach year end, Government Contractors will want to keep an eye on key cost data to close out the year on a high note, and prepare for continued success in the new year. We highlight 3 reports to track.